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Re: PR/41021: devel/mk-files

"Jeremy C. Reed" <> writes:

>  > Simon's mk files and bootstrap-mk-files are not "the same".  I would say
>  > they are completely different and incompatible with each other. Simon's
>  > mk files are packaged in some Linux distro, and very old NetBSD's mk
>  > files (closer to those from pkgsrc) are packaged in others. And both use
>  > the same bsd.*.mk names for different functionality.
>  Sorry, I now remember I was told this before.
>  The pkgsrc version should be clearly identified for pkgsrc only. The 
>  package should be renamed from bootstrap-mk-files to pkgsrc-mk-files and 
>  it could install to /usr/pkg/share/pkgsrc-mk/ and the pkgsrc/mk/ 
>  infrastructure should use /usr/pkg/share/pkgsrc-mk.

This is useless move but it requires testing, we have many other silly
named packages in pkgsrc, but neither you nor anyone else propose to
rename them.

>  Or pkgsrc/mk should be tested using the latest maintained mk-20100102
>  and that should be the only package (go ahead and name it "mk") and 
>  bootstrap can install it if needed.

I propose that you, Simon, and others willing persons elaborate anything
acceptible for generic use. I admit that this is interesting project,
I'd to participate in it as well if time affords. As for now, I propose
to stop using bug tracker to discuss this. Lets' move to tech-pkg,
we annoy others :)


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