Subject: Re: Desktop application agenda
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From: Mark Weinem <>
List: netbsd-users
Date: 04/14/2007 00:41:05
Przemysaw Paweczyk:

[NetBSD is dying]
> I took into consideration mailing-lists activities, "openness"
> for new users, recent Google SoC, "popularity contests" on IT services,
> articles written to the IT services, core developers attitude toward
> Community Wiki, etc. The whole picture, from that (read my) point of
> view, isn't bright and catching.

okay, i'm tired of your loudmouth and such disrespectful undertones.. 
Your "points of views" are valueless, as they are not based on reputation
(regarding the NetBSD project) - and they are very unfair!

Participating in SoC 2007 (for the third time now!) is once again a great
opportunity for NetBSD. The sheer number of accepted projects doesn't tell much.  But the improvement of NetBSD is for sure not
dependent on SoC.

The experiences you made as a "new user" cannot be generalised, as they
are very much products of your communication deficits.

Most of the "core developers" (and "users") did not bother to reply
to your posts on netbsd-users@ - or did they all answer to you offlist?

You state on your website:

 	" This new page was [...] strongly rejected by few "core
 	developers" [1] [...]"

but the message you cite for evidence is not form a developer - please
correct this! On the other hand, developer and pkgsrc maintainer Jeremy
C. Reed made every endeavor to address the issues you had.

To your question: I'm not aware of an official desktop agenda for
NetBSD or pkgsrc. The kde meta-pkg from pkgsrs offers a complete set of
desktop applications (add 'misc/Koffice' for office apps) - but it's not
lightwight. Xfce 4.4  from meta-pkgs/xfce4 offers a smaller gtk2-based
(but not so complete) desktop solution. Martti Kuparinen, the maintainer
of Xfce for pkgsrc, called for help with Xfce plugins:

Maybe you can help.

Sorry, but i will keep you no longer on the radar.

bye & good luck, Mark

Mark Weinem
PGP-Key available