Subject: Getting off the ground : m88k -> dg88k, mvme88k, luna88k
To:, <>
From: Christopher Tribo <>
List: netbsd-ports
Date: 03/28/2003 02:24:32
	I did some scanning through the mailing lists and I've seen a few 
messages here and there about very very preliminary work for 88k. Has 88k 
support in the latest binutils come to a useable point? Is getting an 88k 
target into our current toolchain unlikely? I'm wondering if any of the 
code snipets people have worked on in the past are up in our cvs tree 
anywhere or anything. It'd be nice to get whats been done up before its 
lost, I know Allen has no time to work on a port other than specific 
questions, Tohru has expressed interest, and I think Matt Thomas and a few 
other people have too. Is it possible to make m88k an official port? Are 
there required criteria that have to be met before hand?
	I have at least one AViiON with DG/UX R4.11 MU04 I can make 
available by shell and terminal server to the console. I think one of the 
admins managed to compile GCC 2.97 something, but nothing past that was 

	Either way it seems to reason that dg88k should be up first for 
the port list since that's where the most documentation, hardware and 
software seem to be.

I'm trying to port NetBSD to my cup of tea, but it keeps kernel panicking 
on refill. This is odd, because I ported it to my toaster and my bookcase 
easily enough and it survives bread- and book-replacement fine.

Any hints?

Jared Earle -