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Security Software Engineer - Yahoo!


Yahoo!, the little internet portal that could, has a number of openings
for unixy security people.  It's no secret that Yahoo! is using FreeBSD
for a large portion of their hosts, but the job requirements are in
general not all that operating system specific.  I consider NetBSD
people to be mostly of the smarter group, so I figured I'd post this
mail here, too.

The overall sales pitch for the company goes something like this:

"Think about impacting 1 out of every 2 people online--in innovative and
imaginative ways that are uniquely Yahoo!. We do just that each and
every day, and you could too. After all, it's big thinkers like you who
will create the next generation of Internet experiences for consumers
and advertisers across the globe. Now's the time to show the world what
you've got. Put your ideas to work for over half a billion people."

In addition, Y! is a very fun place to work, and there are few places
that operate on a scale like this, so you get to solve problems that
others won't ever encounter.  This also means that we have a fairly big
target painted on our back, which in turn leads to busy and interesting
days in the security area...

We currently have three positions open in the core "Paranoids" group
which is responsible for pretty much all things security, ranging from
vulnerability assessment to software architecture and review, incidence
response, forensics and prevention, assessment of mergers and
acquisitions to developing monitoring tools etc. etc.

- Security Software Engineer - Scanning, Monitoring (1 position)
  Location: Sunnyvale, CA, USA

- Tech Yahoo, Paranoid, Principal (2 positions)
  Location: Sunnyvale, CA, USA

If you are interested, please let me know (or, if you so choose, apply
directly online).


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