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Senior Software Engineer/Architect, SSL & Security focus

Job Description:  Senior Software Engineer/Architect, SSL & Security focus

Coyote Point Systems has open positions for Senior Software Engineers to 
perform system-level programming on NetBSD, focusing on high-performance 
networking and security. The openings may be filled by either a single 
individual with experience in the technology areas listed below or by two 
developers who together can provide the necessary expertise.

A successful applicant will have the opportunity to join a small development 
team performing cutting-edge work in high-performance computer networking 
and security.

Applicants are expected to be able demonstrate a significant subset of the 
following knowledge and skills:
        • A dedication to producing extremely high-quality code that meets 
          performance requirements, is readable and obvious to coworkers, is 
       to maintain and extend, and adheres to coding standards.
        • Very strong knowledge of the C language, Unix system calls and 
       libraries, and networking concepts and implementation.
        • Strong knowledge of cryptography, network security technologies 
       and protocols including SSL/TLS, PKI, IPsec, etc.
        • Substantial development experience with the OpenSSL libraries.
        • Understanding of WWW protocols and architectures.
        • Detailed understanding of the TCP/IP and IPv6 communications 
        • Knowledge of modern computer hardware architectures including 
       “i386” based multi-processor server platforms and multi-core network 
       processor devices.

Applicants are expected to have a Masters Degree in Computer Science 
or a related discipline or to able to show equivalent work experience.

A successful applicant is self-motivated, able to communicate well in person, 
in writing and on the phone. They will work closely with the other engineers 
our development 
group and provide support as required to our customer-facing product teams.

This is an opportunity to join a successful, growing Networking Technology 
Company with a 
strong focus on engineering and innovative product development. The position is 
located in 
Millerton, New York in a people and dog friendly environment. Telecommuting is 
a possibility 
provided that the applicant has demonstrated successful past experience in 
working remotely 
and is willing and able to join us in-person on a regular basis.

Please respond to

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