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Re: lang/sun-jdk15 on amd64

> Is anyone running lang/sun-jdk15 on amd64 successfully? I have it
> installed but it core dumps immediately after running.


what version of NetBSD is this? There are a number of issues:

 - 64-bit Linux java won't work, for some reason. I never investigated
   further, because I was able to get 32-bit working.

 - Some bugs in linux32 emulation that affected java have been           
   fixed during the last year in NetBSD-current, while some others
   remain. Most notably kern/37437.

So if you have NetBSD 4 or old -current, try to update. On -current, try
the patch in kern/37437, it should make things go.

I have jdk 1.6.0_10 relatively stable on 5.99.3 with the patch, but it does
get SEGV occasionally (which did not happen on 4.99.73).

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