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Re: wip/jdk14 has bad distinfo

Dave wrote:
So, I'm trying to get Java working on NetBSD.  I found that I probably
should install wip/jdk14.  I jumped through the hoops and discovered that
the file bsd-jdk14-patches-current.tar.gz I downloaded is apparently not
the right one.

No, it's not. It is for JDK 1.4.1 something (that's what the README says).
I think it is a bad idea to refer to -current version, because it can

However, if you are feeling up to it, I found that building the jdk
by hand went more or less without trouble. I did that just yesterday.
I even got mozilla plugin build, but unfortunately it seems it does
not work (about:plugins does report it, but no java applet works
at all).

Here's what I did to get it built:

 1. Download all the Java stuff from Sun, just like for the package
 2. Download bsd-jdk14-patches-7.tar.gz from eyesbeyond (or whatever it
 3. Extract the patches file to somewhere
 4. Extract java stuff somewhere
 5. In the java source dir, do patch -p0 <jdk14.patches
 6. (At this point, see REAMDE file and notice openmotif dnd fix
     1. cd /usr/pkgsrc/x11/openmotif
     2. make extract
     3. make patch
     4. apply patch-java-dnd-fix (from bsd-jdk14-patches-7) by hand
     5. make install)
 7. Do the environment dance the BUILD file in patches package tells you.
    However, ALT_MOTIF_DIR is /usr/pkg, not /usr/X11R6
 8. ulimit -d 524288
 9. I guess you need to apply the LDFLAGS patches from patch-ag in
    the wip package (by hand, and remember to substitute %%JVM_HOME%%
    with the path where you intend to install the jdk. For example
10. For plugin to build, you need to edit deploy/make/plugin/ns6/Makefile
    On line 55, change the mozilla includedir to be
11. For imageio to work, edit
    and change line 815 to read

static pthread_mutex_t          exchangeMutex = PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER;

 12. And finally, as per BUILD, cd control/make && gmake

I'm quite sure I forgot something, but that's the gist of it. The build
failed at one point because of some missing directory, but I created it
by hand, and after that the build succeeded.

Granted, it would be great if this all was packaged. But I have no clue
about creating pkgsrc packages...

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