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wip/jdk14 has bad distinfo

So, I'm trying to get Java working on NetBSD.  I found that I probably
should install wip/jdk14.  I jumped through the hoops and discovered that
the file bsd-jdk14-patches-current.tar.gz I downloaded is apparently not
the right one.

This is from wip/jdk14/distinfo:
Size (bsd-jdk14-patches-current.tar.gz) = 1580578 bytes

This is what I got from
-rw-r--r--  1 dave  staff  1593995 May 17 21:57

On a lark, I did "make distinfo" and tried to build.  That led to all
sorts of non-amusing patch rejections.

So, two things:

1.  What changed?  How do I fix this problem?

2.  Exactly what am I supposed to install to get a Java app that uses
Swing working?  What's the correct command line invocation?

In particular, I'm trying to get these two apps working.

David Griffith

If you expected a reply and didn't get it, please resend to  Things are a bit wonky here right now.

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