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manpages under i386 sub directory and what about amd64?

mbrlabel manpage references mbr(8). But:

tx:src$ man mbr
man: no entry for mbr in the manual.

It is at /usr/share/man/man8/i386/mbr.8

I don't see any setting in man.conf or in man manpage about this.

man.conf does say:

        If on a machine of type ``vax'', the subdirectory ``vax'' in each 
        directory would be searched as well, before the directory was 

Well that explains that. I am on amd64 not i386. So my system has 
platform specific manpages for 30 different platforms, but none for amd64.

Should the SEE ALSO in mbrlabel(8) mention i386 for the mbr(8)?

This works fine:

man i386/mbr

  Jeremy C. Reed

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