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PCMCIA ne2000 compatible Ethernet card driver


First of all, sorry for my english. I'm from
Argentina, and a newbie in NetBSD (Linux user).
I'm having a problem with the EXP ThinLAN 100 card I
own: NetBSD doesn't recognize it. Under Linux, it
works perfect.
You can see the card here:
As you can see, the card is an NE-2000 compatible. In
fact, under Linux works with the ne2000 driver. But
NetBSD doesn't load the driver. dmesg shows the kernel
knows there's an Ethernet card in pcmcia0, but
apparently doesn't know which card it is. The line is
the next:
pcmcia0 function 0: <PCMCIA LAN, Ethernet, A,
004743118001> (manufacturer 0xffffffff, product
 not configured

As I understand, there are two possibilites:
* The kernel knows what card it is, but doesn't know
which driver load. In that case, I've heard that would
be relatively easy to tell the kernel "the truth",
modifying a table in the source code. I've looked the
source, but I cannot understand it very well.
* The kernel doesn't recognize the card at all. In
that case, I don't know what I should do (but I hope
you know).

Can you tell me about what case we 're talking? And
provide me a solution?

Many thanks,

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