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Re: share one wireless adapter's connection to second device (wireless bridge?)

[ I'm terribly sorry if this shows up twice. I tried posting a similar 
  response yesterday through gmane, but that seems to have gotten lost
  somewhere ]

In, you wrote:
> I found some emails from this on pkgsrc-users in Sept. 2007. I read that 
> maybe you can't bridge with any of NetBSD's wireless drivers -- but 
> bridge(4) manpage clearly mentions 802.11 and wireless. 

For what it's worth, I've been going the opposite route just fine - creating
an improvised access point to enable a wireless-only device to access a wired
network. This about a year ago, using the then -current and a cardbus based
ral-card and an fxp wired network card.

All I did was configure the ral0 card (including telling it to go to hostap
mode), and add both network cards to a brige. Worked just fine.

> Also I read that I need a card that supports having as many associations to
> the AP as required. I don't know if my ral0 does. 

I've used another ral0 card (PCI-based) to create a wireless network at home,
for about 2 years or so. Always worked just fine, even with multiple wireless
clients, before I replaced it with a slightly less power-hungry solution. 
However, that was once again in hostap mode.

Martijn van Buul - 

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