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Re: share one wireless adapter's connection to second device (wireless bridge?)

> I could easily use ipf/ipnat or pf share the existing address using 
> address translation. But I'd prefer to not run a DHCP server for one 
> device as I already have DHCPd on this network. I was wondering if I 
> could pass the DHCP requests across, but then the address translation 
> would make it appear from ral0 (which already has its own IP assigned).

Well I can't easily to that either. I enabled IP forwarding and configured 
pf for NAT. I started dhcrelay and it had many lines like:

forwarded BOOTREQUEST for 00:aa:bb:cc:dd:ee to
(I replaced hardware address above.)

Those corresponded with the tcpdump lines showing the port 68 to port 67 DHCP traffic.

Later, I saw:

forwarded BOOTREPLY for 00:aa:bb:cc:dd:ee to
forwarded BOOTREPLY for 00:aa:bb:cc:dd:ee to

But I don't see traffic the other way. Then I did a tcpdump on my ral0 
interface and did see the return traffic at least to the IP of my re0.

I was already running dhclient on my ral0 device. I am guess that 
conflicts with this.

Also the internal device plugged into re0 would be on same network as the 

The device falls back to its previously provided DHCP address, but I can't 
ping it since it is available via re0 but that same network is on ral0.

Any ideas on how to go about it this way?

Another thing to try is to ask the tech for the device to get a password 
so I can change its configuration to disable DHCP and so I can manually 
configure its networking.

> My situation is that my office has no wired network but the device needs 
> to be wired.
> Any suggestions on sharing that ral0 device?
> Or should I purchase some wireless bridge? What?
> Or what can I do with NetBSD for this?

  Jeremy C. Reed

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