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Re: how to upgrade from NetBSD 3.1 to 4 ?

Philip wrote:
> I read the documentation on the site and only suggests one upgrade 
> method, that is to
> boot from a NetBSD 4 CD and upgrade that way.
> The problem is that my broadband firewall / web server / mail server is 
> running NetBSD 3.1 and has
> no keyboard, no monitor, and no CDROM drive. It lives in the cupboard under 
> my stairs. I only access
> it using ssh.
> Is there no other way? like put a netbsd 4 kernel on the drive and reboot it 
> or something
> Booting from CD is going to cause quite a lot of hassle.

   I upgraded our development server (from 3.0 to 3.1) via ssh (the
computer was physically more than 150 km away from where I was).

   I upgraded by building NetBSD 3 myself, and upgraded using

   Sure, I was nervous as hell, but it worked. :)

Kind regards,
Jan Danielsson

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