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Re: how to upgrade from NetBSD 3.1 to 4 ?

--- Philip <> wrote:

> I read the documentation on the site and only suggests one
> upgrade method, that is to
> boot from a NetBSD 4 CD and upgrade that way.
> The problem is that my broadband firewall / web server / mail server
> is running NetBSD 3.1 and has
> no keyboard, no monitor, and no CDROM drive. It lives in the cupboard
> under my stairs. I only access
> it using ssh.
> Is there no other way? like put a netbsd 4 kernel on the drive and
> reboot it or something
> Booting from CD is going to cause quite a lot of hassle.
> thanks for any help, Philip

Well, I remember seeing something in the installation guides  about
putting the installer files on unused partitions or on NFS. Looking at,
it says you can put the installation files in these places as well as
HTTP, local directory, etc. but I honestly have not tried these

However, all you would need to do once you have such a location set up
is boot the INSTALL kernel (from the hard disk presumably or maybe even
netboot). So your options appear to be: FTP, HTTP, NFS, unmounted
partition, local directory. The first 3 depend on the INSTALL kernel
being able to set up your NIC/network successfully to some degree. The
last two would require you being careful not to erase the installation
tar archives (e.g. an unmounted partition not in use, a local directory
on a file system you don't plan to newfs/erase/reuse).

Hope that was helpful.

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