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Problems with NAT after updating from 1.6 kernel to 4.0

I have been using IPNat for approximately 5 years unmodified. Updating to new x86 hardware and the new 4.0 GENERIC kernel (but keeping mostly the same userspace), my ipnat gateway now has a very annoying 3 second delay added to the establishment of every outgoing TCP connection.

I've traced the 3 second delay with tcpdump and found the culprit: the first packet on a newly established TCP connection is always dropped (after the 3 way handshake). It is received okay on the first interface but never transmitted to the second interface. 3 seconds seems to be the retransmit timeout on my Windows PC on the firewalled side. After that first packet drop and 3 second retransmit delay, the rest of the TCP session is fine.

Anybody have any ideas? The 2 ethernet devices are sip0 and bge0 and this is my ipnat.conf:

map sip0 from ! to -> proxy port ftp ftp/tcp map sip0 from ! to -> portmap tcp/udp 40000:60000
map sip0 from ! to ->

//Jesse Off

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