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why always "timeout" while pkg_add?

i installed netbsd 4.0 on my  i386 pc,but when i use 'pkg_add' to install packages from '', it always returns 'timeout'.i use 'pkg-add' as followed:
#export PKG_PATH=''
#pkg_add -v 'kde-3.5.7.tgz'
it connect the ftp successfully,and some files can be download.but when soemtimes later,the process will
be terminated,it says :
" poll() timeout
  signal two received
  Cleaning up"
i don't know why,maybe the network is two slow?
in other conditions,when i install someother packages,such as 'lynx', it works ok. is it because the kde package is too huge? it this, how can i install the kde ?
can someone help me? i need U,thanks.

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