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Re: Strange Samba problem

Hi, Lars--

On Jan 9, 2008, at 7:12 AM, Lars Friend wrote:
Has anybody else seen this? The link included in the error message tells me I ought to trace through it with GDB and see what gives, but before doing that, I want to be sure I'm not reinventing the wheel...

An additional possible detail, all of the directories that are served out by Samba are remote, and mounted as needed via nfs by amd.

This same issue arose in another list just a day ago [1], so I'll excerpt the relevant part of the thread:

You really don't want to export a filesystem which itself is being mounted remotely. If you want to also provide SMB filesharing for these files, run Samba on the [NFS server] and not on an NFS client.

Knowing all the drawbacks including reduced bandwidth, there are some important organizational reasons, thus I want to do so. Moreover, Samba is just one application on the NFS clients, although an important one.

While I certainly wish you the best of luck, previous experience suggests that the drawbacks to this approach include not functioning properly.

NFS is a stateless protocol, except insofar as rpc.lockd in theory provides lockf/flock style locking over the network-- yet Samba/CIFS wants to allow extensive use of client side opportunistic locking, which means that Samba really, really wants to run off of a local filesystem.

Konrad reported that using "fake oplocks = yes" in the Samba config does improve the stability of this sort of configuration significantly.


[1]: ; part of the above is quoted from Konrad Heuer <>.

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