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Re: Bugs in new global stylesheet and main page

On 05.08.2012 13:19, Martin Husemann wrote:
>> Can be removed: but people looking at the site with IE7 will have a bad
>> experience.
> I was about to say "who?"

IE7 is not particularly well established. I think it is even below
Firefox 3.6 usage, and I expect it to go even lower given the big
marketing campaign for IE9.

> but then I am using Firefox 3.6.28 (untill I get
> a current one fixed for sparc64).

You are optimistic on that one, I am not sure that Mozilla is interested
in fixing their sparc64 JIT :)

> Is there an easy way to make ie6/7 use a different style sheet instead?

Yes, through conditional comments in the HTML [1]. However:
- it pollutes the HTML code
- it has unwanted side effects [2]

I did not test IE6. IMHO people/corporations that sill use it are
begging for troubles from HTML standard support up to security.

I only added these two CSS properties because they were harmless and
quite easy to rollback (just delete the lines).

> If not, just ignore it.
>> Properties added by the jsapi for the Google Site Search bar. Firefox
>> just warns that it does not support these features yet (IIRC they are
>> part of CSS3).
> Ok, thanks for the explanation.



Jean-Yves Migeon

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