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Re: Bugs in new global stylesheet and main page

On Sun, Aug 05, 2012 at 01:12:47PM +0200, Jean-Yves Migeon wrote:
> Here they are:
> #navBar ul li {
>   display: inline-block;
>   position: relative;
> =>  *display: inline; /* for IE 7 compatibility */
> =>  zoom: 1;          /* for IE 7 compatibility */
> }
> These two are hacks to have a semi-workable display:inline-block with
> IE7 (which is completely broken in this regard). Other browsers will
> ignore those declaration as they are not standard.

OK, if it's harmless, that's fine.
(The "skipping to next declaration" thing is a bit dangerous, it caused
broken display of the google site search for years).

> Can be removed: but people looking at the site with IE7 will have a bad
> experience.

I was about to say "who?" but then I am using Firefox 3.6.28 (untill I get
a current one fixed for sparc64).
Is there an easy way to make ie6/7 use a different style sheet instead?
If not, just ignore it.

> Properties added by the jsapi for the Google Site Search bar. Firefox
> just warns that it does not support these features yet (IIRC they are
> part of CSS3).

Ok, thanks for the explanation.


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