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Re: flaws/inconsistencies in 'The pkgsrc user's guide'


> I am new to NetBSD and I am going through the documentation, which btw it is
> great and helps a lot.
> I happened to get into some flaws as i go along, though.
> My idea is to tell the maintainer so he can sort them out if possible.
> Is this the right place to comment about this?
> If not, can anyone point me in the right direction?.
if you find any flaws, you can either write them down and post them to
netbsd-docs, as you did right now. Alternatively, you can also fill a PR on
If you have the corrections needed right at hand, you can also provide a diff
for what needs to be changed.

You can check out the guide (along with all other website-stuff) from the
CVS-repository as it is documented in the guide, §30. The directory you're
looking for is `htdocs`, and then in docs/ you will find the guides. If there
are only the .html-files, you might find a comment where the source files lie
in the Makefile.
The pkgsrc-guide e.g. resides at pkgsrc/doc/guide/files/.
Then just make your changes, supply a `diff -du` of them and supply them
along with the description in the PR, or in the mail.

Regards, Julian

PS: May I point you to the upcoming hackathon? It will be from 10th to 14th
August, so if you want to help a bit with the documentation, it would be the
best chance. ;)

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