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Hackathon: August 10th to 14th (documentation)


we will run the 15th NetBSD hackathon from August 10th to August 14th.

The general topic is documentation. Though you can of course work on
something else and just use the chance of some people gathered, I thought of
four main topics to address:

 1. Update and complete the several guides we have. The NetBSD guide could
 have some updates (e.g. one could write about npf, or write one guide for it
 on its own).
 The internals guide has many XXXs in it, too, and the part about regression
 testing is factually empty, and perhaps could need one guide on its own.

 2. The wiki still needs some work on it. As was adressed in the prior
 discussion, it's still difficult for users to participate in the wiki, they
 need an OpenID, need to be activated as all their actions in it.
 Additionally, the old wiki needs to be migrated completely into the new one.

 3. NetBSD could need some new advertising material. Anyone good in writing
 texts can make new texts for the current flyers, and if you're good with
 inkscape and scribus, creating one or two posters for exhibitions would be
 nice, too.

 4. Minor improvements (working on manpages), thinkin about versioning the
 documentation, address some topics that was not written about before.

All the single topics are written down on the wiki page
Feel free to add or remove points if appropriate.

To participate, just join the IRC-channel #netbsd-code on Freenode
( and tell us, or communicate via the mailing list.
The hackathon will be parallel to the CCC camp ( and
several NetBSD-folks will be there anyway. As we didn't make it to a village,
one could think of just meeting there (and possibly working).

Regards, Julian

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