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Re: printed books now available for NetBSD System Manager's Manual

 - Hi Jeremy,

Great news ! I think that's a very nice idea.

Anyway, Good Luck for yours books !

On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 11:23:32AM -0500, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> I published two books for the NetBSD System Manager's Manual. Volume 1 
> is ac(8) through multiboot(8) and Volume 2 is named(8) through zpool(8).
> It doesn't include the out-of-date, mostly unmaintained, and somewhat 
> irrelevant system installation and administration documentation which 
> was also historically bundled in the SMM: System Management Documents 1 
> (installing and operating 4.4BSD) through 19 (perl). Note that NetBSD's 
> src/share/doc/smm only has seven of these 19 documents.
> The books do include some section 1 manuals (that I felt should be in 
> the system maintenance procedures and commands section 8):
> altqstat.1 atf-cleanup.1 atf-format.1 bpm.1 daicctl.1 dtmfdecode.1 
> ipftest.1 ipresend.1 ipsend.1 iptest.1 kimpersonate.1 lptest.1 mopchk.1 
> mopcopy.1 mopprobe.1 moptrace.1 omshell.1 pkg_add.1 pkg_admin.1 
> pkg_create.1 pkg_delete.1 pkg_info.1 postalias.1 postcat.1 postconf.1 
> postdrop.1 postfix.1 postkick.1 postlock.1 postlog.1 postmap.1 
> postmulti.1 postqueue.1 postsuper.1 screenblank.1 sendmail.1 sntp.1 
> srtconfig.1 sup.1 
> (What do you think about moving any of these to section 8?)
> The 1994 SMM is over 600 pages long, but my new book is two volumes 
> totalling over 1500 pages. I include a very long permuted index (keyword 
> in context) and over a hundred different licenses.
> Some details and photos are here:
> I have set this up as a multi-volume set at a 20% discount but I am 
> still waiting for Amazon or other book stores to properly list it as a 
> set (one order gets two books).
> Since the set is so long, I don't expect I will ever do books for the 
> other sections unless there was real interest.

-- Ulrich Etile, <>
--      "Linux people do what they do because they hate Microsoft.
--              We do what we do because we love Unix." De Raadt

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