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Re: NetBSD guide remarks


On Tue, 5 Jan 2010, Jan Danielsson wrote:
mentions softdeps. Considering the past discussions on the non-stability
of softdeps, perhaps they shouldn't be mentioned in the documentation,
at least not without a warning (like a scull).

I've removed the softdep references, as they were only in a fstab example.

Discussing interaction of cgd with softdep and journaling may be interesting, can you provide some text? (I haven't followed the discussions around them)

contains two links which didn't work when I tried them. Only the last
link, "The original paper" worked.

I've fixed the links, and added a few others.

If you have further poinst in the guide that need updating, let us know!

The changes will be online within one hour.
Thank you for your support of the NetBSD project!

 - Hubert

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