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Re: Proofreading man-pages?

On 15.05.2009, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> Yes, I have been working on it. But only section 8 and a few section 1 for 
> now.
> It is well more than 6500 printed pages. (I am only doing section 8 for 
> now and will cost me a few hundred dollars to get books printed and I 
> will offer for around US$33 for man 8 set of two or three books. Once I 
> have completed cover I will submit.)

Frankly, I had no idea that this would account to that many printed pages.
In this case going section-per-section is probably indeed the best solution,
ergonomically and otherwise.

As for Hubert's comment, well yes, luck and a lot of patience is needed :-).
Yet, call me old-fashioned but reading from paper is actually the only way
to proofread. (For comparable reasons I think these so-called e-books will
never succeed.)

- Jukka.

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