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Re: Proofreading man-pages?

On Fri, 15 May 2009, Jukka Ruohonen wrote:

> As I recently got my printer working again with lpd(8), I was thinking about
> starting a hobby-project with NetBSD man-pages. Basically: print them all
> out and start reading with a pencil.
> While my english may not be fluent, I think this method would catch a big
> amount of typos, incorrect cross-references, stylistic flaws and other
> miscellaneous bugs.
> Has someone carried out such an undertaking? How many A4 pages are we
> talking about? Any recommendations?

Yes, I have been working on it. But only section 8 and a few section 1 for 

It is well more than 6500 printed pages. (I am only doing section 8 for 
now and will cost me a few hundred dollars to get books printed and I 
will offer for around US$33 for man 8 set of two or three books. Once I 
have completed cover I will submit.)

(I also emailed you off list with more details.)

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