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Re: suggestions, feedback, and support

On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 6:13 PM, Ilya Ilembitov <> 
> Wow, I thought this list was dead long ago...
> Actually, Desktop NetBSD must be a really interesting project, but I
> could not really find any way to track its progress. I am by no means
> any coder, but I could provide feedback.
> As for now, I would like to share some of my thoughts with you.
> 1. Publicity
> Like with many BSD projects, there is no proper source of information
> about Desktop NetBSD project and its current state. An official blog
> could be great, or at least a newsletter. The mailing list is dead, and
> lurking through the changes log doesn't help here. I am sure that many
> people outside of NetBSD actually think that the project is dead.
> 2. Do not use GNOME. Use E17!

E17 was vaporware for at least five years so I'm not sure it's more
active than xfce.  It probably would be easier to get fully integrated
than gnome, though.

> It looks like Desktop NetBSD will need quite some time to reach a mature
> train anyway. So, why go for GNOME when you can pick a better option? Go
> for E17! It's BSD-licensed. It's really active (unlike XFCE) and it's
> innovative (and there is no major BSD/Linux distro shipping E17 by
> default). It's all C (no Vala, Python, Mono and AFAIK even no C++) - so
> perhaps, one day one will be able to build it with PCC. Samsung supports
> E17 and EFL at the moment, and so it's really active these days. It even
> gets the initial versions of native apps ATM, like a Web-browser,
> multimedia center, PDF-reader, a network manager, etc.
> 3. Get Xenocara (?)
> OpenBSD's build framework is believed to be an outstanding
> product, so why not switch to it?

I can't really say I know better, but the netbsd xorg build framework
is really, really awesome as it is pkgsrc-based AND cross-buildable.

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