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Framebuffer console support for i386 and amd64

Hey folks --

My goal is to nuke vesafb, and replace it with genfb in the i386 and amd64 kernels. This is a prereq to having proper splash screen support. I would like to check in the following changes to the x86 bootloader and kernel. Any objections?

With the above changes and the proper options in your kernel config, you can select a framebuffer mode in the bootloader by doing 'vesa modenum', so a boot.cfg entry would look like this for eg. 640x480x8:

  menu=Boot NetBSD:vesa 0x101;boot netbsd

The required kernel options are:

  genfb*  at pci? dev ? function ?
  wsdisplay* at wsemuldisplaydev?


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