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Re: bin/53885 (awk ERE bug)

Op 18-01-19 om 22:40 schreef Jaromír Doleček:
>  I've just checked on actual Mac OS X.
>  > awk --version
>  awk version 20070501
>  > nawk --version
>  awk version 20121220
>  The 'awk' supports bounds/interval.
>  The  'nawk' idoesn't.
>  So I'm a bit sceptic. But I'll look on the archive nevertheless.

I'm an actual Mac OS X 10.11.6 user. On my Mac I have no 'nawk' at all.
I don't think it comes with the system. Someone must have added it to
yours at some point.

I recompiled those Apple awk sources, which are definitely original
lineage, and it results in the same program as my /usr/bin/awk.

- M.

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