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Re: bin/53885 (awk ERE bug)

Since I messed up sending this PR, and it didn't make it to the
list as PRs usually do, I thought I'd resend the content...

This is from Martijn Dekker (indented) with my comments at
the margin.

        Not sure where to report this
[I sent directions to send-pr and the web form.]

        -- if not you, perhaps you can forward it to the appropriate party
[this is that]

        (after checking if it's broken in -current).
[It is the same there]

        Found a bug in NetBSD 8.0 awk: bounds in EREs are broken.

        $ awk 'BEGIN { exit(!match("aaa","^a{3}$")); }'; echo $?

        This should output 0.

gawk gives 0 for that.

Please reply to (as in the Reply-To header.)
Or better yet, fix awk, and close the PR...



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