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re: port-sparc64/51647: deadlock in NFS client with UDP (IPv4) on sparc64

>  > This problem is completely reproducible. It occurs both with on-board
>  > (gem) and PCI (re) ethernet adapters.

i've never been able to use the gem driver fully stable on sparc64.
for non-nfs root it would eventually soft hang and need an
'ifconfig gem0 down up' to bring it back.  for nfs root, this usually
meant a soft hang i couldn't recover from (soft hang, meaning that i
could enter ddb.)  i've lost what trust in the the re(4) hardware i
had after the 4th or 5th card failed after 3 years of service.

i have successfully use wm(4), hme(4) and, in -current, bge(4) on
sparc64 and nfs.  oh, and le(4) but that was long ago :)


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