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Re: misc/49272 (Patching with Coccinelle?: Deletion of unnecessary checks before specific function calls)

> There is at best lukewarm enthusiasm for this sort of change in NetBSD,
> because of the risks of breaking things by accident when massediting.

Such a generated patch can also be split into more pleasing pieces.

> Meanwhile, the fact that nobody has taken up this patch in two years is
> suggestive: probably nobody is going to, and without someone taking the
> time to crosscheck all the changes (not all the removed checks are in
> front of free() -- many are other functions that might or might not be
> null-safe a priori) and also fixing the places where the patches break
> indentation or other adverse consequences... without someone taking the
> time there is no realistic chance of this patch being useful.

It seems that you preferred to concentrate your software development
attention more on other components.

> Also, the patch is apparently against -6 and would need hand-merging.

I can repeat the shown update suggestion for newer source file versions
when the corresponding change acceptance will evolve a bit more as desired.
How do you think about to give another look to source code analysis results
from a similar approach?


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