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Re: bin/51264: Fix src/sbin/fsck_lfs/bufcache.c

I think that it is a very usual situation.
Reading the code (I copy it from lfs_cleanerd.c file), it is called
when the ifile grows.
Ifile grows when the number of inodes increases. (Margo paper, page
10, first paragraph)
(file=inode map + segment usage table).

        /* If Ifile is larger than buffer cache, rehash */
        fstat(fs->clfs_ifilefd, &st);
        if (st.st_size / lfs_sb_getbsize(fs) > hashmax) {
                ohashmax = hashmax;
                bufrehash(st.st_size / lfs_sb_getbsize(fs));
                dlog("%s: resized buffer hash from %d to %d",
                     lfs_sb_getfsmnt(fs), ohashmax, hashmax);

On Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 2:05 AM, David Holland <> wrote:
>  It is called when it reloads the ifile, which it does before cleaning
>  every segment (apparently) - this will actually resize it since it
>  calls bufinit() with 4, but it'll do it before it does any real work.
>  And since the ifile doesn't grow on the fly unless you try to do an
>  online resize, it probably won't have much effect.
>  however, I misread that earlier.
>  I now think pulling it up is worthwhile.
>  --
>  David A. Holland

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