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RE: port-hp300/50852: src/sys/arch/hp300/stand/common/ite.c:239: bad expression

Hello there,

> I never talked about C++. I explicitly talke about C11.

I can't seem to find out which version of the language standard the code
in question in port-hp300 gets compiled to.

There certainly seems to be a lot (> 200,000) of uses of -std=gnu99 in
a recent x86 build. All other language settings seem to get mentioned
< 500 times, so to odds are high source code file ite.c gets compiled with -std=gnu99.

Once we've got that, and then we've agreed what the three language
standards do in this area, (C90, C99, C11), then we might be able to
agree *finally* whether the code is in error.

Of course, the reliable programmer makes it work reliably in all versions of C.

The code is certainly in error in C90, maybe C99, maybe not C11.
I had a look at

but I couldn't make much sense of it. I think the Rules section might
have the nitty gritty.


David Binderman

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