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Re: kern/50230: conflict in type declaration of 'idtype_t' from sys/types.h with POSIX sys/wait.h

On Sep 11,  8:00am, ( wrote:
-- Subject: kern/50230: conflict in type declaration of 'idtype_t' from sys/t

| during compilation of schilytools I found an incompatibility/conflict in the type declaration of 'idtype_t'.
| The declaration of type 'idtype_t' in NetBSD in sys/types.h is:
| typedef int idtype_t;
| while the declaration according to POSIX is in sys/wait.h and has a different meaning.
| Quote from POSIX documentation (see
| The type idtype_t shall be defined as an enumeration type whose possible values shall include at least the following: P_ALL P_PID P_PGID
| End quote
| Please note that sys/wait.h unfortunately also includes sys/types.h.
| >How-To-Repeat:
| I tried to compile the program suite schilytools
| (
| with NetBSD_7.0RC3 amd64. The compilation of 'osh' failed with undeclared identifiers 'P_ALL', 'P_PID', and 'P_PGID'.
| (I used the script psmake/MAKE-all to compile the whole suite).
| Schilytools has an autoconf test for type idtype_t, but certainly did not expect a conflicting declaration.

Well, even if we add these constants the program will fail because we'll be
missing the waitid() call which is probably trying to use. It should autoconf
for the existance of the call directly.


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