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Re: kern/48849: root mirror raid fails on shutdown

The following reply was made to PR kern/48849; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Patrick Welche <>
Subject: Re: kern/48849: root mirror raid fails on shutdown
Date: Thu, 29 May 2014 19:18:56 +0100

 Root is on raid7a, made from /dev/dk0 and /dev/dk7
 unmounting 0xfffffe811e883008 / (/dev/raid7a)...
 raid5: detached
 dk13 at wd1 (df25cd9b-6326-11e3-8f70-10bf48bd3389) deleted
 dk13: detached
 dk12 at wd1 (df25cd92-6326-11e3-8f70-10bf48bd3389) deleted
 dk12: detached
 dk10 at wd1 (df25cd7f-6326-11e3-8f70-10bf48bd3389) deleted
 dk10: detached
 dk9 at wd1 (df25cd76-6326-11e3-8f70-10bf48bd3389) deleted
 dk9: detached
 dk8 at wd1 (df25cd6b-6326-11e3-8f70-10bf48bd3389) deleted
 dk8: detached
 dk6 at wd0 (80706d9e-e1f8-11e3-9080-10bf48bd3389) deleted
 dk6: detached
 dk5 at wd0 (80706d9b-e1f8-11e3-9080-10bf48bd3389) deleted
 dk5: detached
 dk3 at wd0 (80706d94-e1f8-11e3-9080-10bf48bd3389) deleted
 dk3: detached
 dk2 at wd0 (80706d90-e1f8-11e3-9080-10bf48bd3389) deleted
 dk2: detached
 dk1 at wd0 (80706d8c-e1f8-11e3-9080-10bf48bd3389) deleted
 dk1: detached
 unmounting 0xfffffe811b89b008 /home (/dev/cgd0a)...
 unmounting 0xfffffe811e883008 / (/dev/raid7a)...
 forcefully unmounting /home (/dev/cgd0a)...
 unmounting 0xfffffe811e883008 / (/dev/raid7a)...
 cgd0: detached
 raid4: detached
 raid4: detached
 dk11 at wd1 (df25cd88-6326-11e3-8f70-10bf48bd3389) deleted
 dk11: detached
 dk4 at wd0 (80706d97-e1f8-11e3-9080-10bf48bd3389) deleted
 dk4: detached
 unmounting 0xfffffe811e883008 / (/dev/raid7a)...
 forcefully unmounting / (/dev/raid7a)...
 raid7: IO Error.  Marking /dev/dk0 as failed.
 dk0 at wd0 (80706d87-e1f8-11e3-9080-10bf48bd3389) deleted
 wd0: detached
 atabus4: detached
 raid7: detached
 raid7: detached
 dk7 at wd1 (df25cd61-6326-11e3-8f70-10bf48bd3389) deleted
 dk7: detached
 wd1: detached

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