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Re: bin/47449: syslogd doesn't honor mesg n

On Jan 15,  5:25am, 
( wrote:
-- Subject: bin/47449: syslogd doesn't honor mesg n

| syslogd does not honor mesg n (g+w permission) on the ttys of users it
| sends logs to.
| This is a nuisance sometimes.
| >How-To-Repeat:
| Create a test user, add it as a destination in syslog.conf (e.g.
| cron.*        testuser), log in, set mesg n, and watch the messages roll in
| regardless.
| >Fix:
| As syslogd runs as root it needs to explicitly check for g+w
| permission, instead of just using the same tty message code as other
| things and assuming it'll get EACCES when mesg n is set.
| Probably it should also override mesg n for LOG_EMERG messages, which
| are traditionally walled to everyone.

Do you have an example syslogd implementation in mind that honors that?
What about messages explicitly sent to that user?


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