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Re: bin/22546 ("netstat -in -f inet" behavior is not in sync with document)

The following reply was made to PR bin/22546; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Bug Hunting <>
Subject: Re: bin/22546 ("netstat -in -f inet" behavior is not in sync with
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2013 19:08:24 +0100

 (This PR has been open for almost a decade; the issue described in
 it, as well as the man page and code excerpts quoted in it, basically
 still apply / are present though.  It by the way seems that the
 PR's originator wrote about code committed by himself, in this PR
 (see src/usr.bin/netstat/main.c, r1.25); above that, please note
 who the originator is, and take that into account before replying
 (e.g., don't ask for originator feedback) -- thanks.)
 I don't have a solution (patch) for the PR available here, but
 _can_ provide some, hopefully helpful, comments.
 First off, it looks as if the PR's originator overlooked the ``(with
 the -s option)'' part from the man page's excerpt; this probably
 doesn't (fully) cancel out the issue described in the PR, but note
 that (at least?) the output from the specific command
 "netstat -is -f inet6" _does_ differ from that of
 "netstat -i -f inet6", i.e., the same command without the `-s'
 Secondly, `-f' does not necessarily need to be specified _after_
 `-i' for the latter to get ignored, which is described like that
 specifically in the PR (and shown in its example): for `-i' to get
 ignored, `-f' may be specified _anywhere_ on the command line (in
 other words: don't let the wording confuse you here).
 Lastly, `-n' does not need to be given for `-i' to get ignored, as
 described in the PR (and shown in its examples); it was given there,
 but isn't needed for the issue described to occur.
 Can someone pick this PR up?
 Bug Hunting

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