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Re: bin/44032: pppd: proxyarp is not working

> | - The proxy arp entries are not visible in `arp -a'. Should not they
> | be visible? For example, on Linux they are visible.
> should be visible I think. do you have a configuration for me to test?
> | - Once I add an arp entry with `arp -s <mac> pub proxy'
> | I cannot remove it later. (arp: delete: can't locate
> | Is this normal?
> Works for me:

It has something to do with the ppp interface. Try setting an arp entry
on a ppp interface.

Test #1: non existent IP address

# arp -s 2c:27:d7:14:54:17 pub proxy
# arp
? ( at 2c:27:d7:14:54:17 on vlan10 permanent published (proxy only)
# arp -d

All is good.

Test #2: IP address of a ppp link (local endpoint)

# arp -s 2c:27:d7:14:54:17 pub proxy
# arp
arp: ( -- no entry
# arp -d
arp: delete: can't locate

It fails, but "something" is in the arp table. If I try to re-add the

# arp -s 2c:27:d7:14:54:17 pub proxy
arp: set: proxy entry exists for non 802 device

Maybe the entry is set up on the wrong interface?


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