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Re: bin/44032: pppd: proxyarp is not working

On Dec 4,  9:50pm, (Egervary Gergely) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: bin/44032: pppd: proxyarp is not working

| Finally, I have done some debugging.
| - In sifproxyarp(), arpmsg.hwa contains the correct MAC address.
| - Socket write() succeeds with 112 bytes written, that looks good.
| - If I comment out the socket write(), and manually enter the
| arp entry (arp -s <mac> pub proxy) then the kernel still
| does not respond to arp who-has requests.
| Now, some questions:
| - The proxy arp entries are not visible in `arp -a'. Should not they
| be visible? For example, on Linux they are visible.

should be visible I think. do you have a configuration for me to test?

| - Once I add an arp entry with `arp -s <mac> pub proxy'
| I cannot remove it later. (arp: delete: can't locate
| Is this normal?

Works for me:

[DING!] 2502#arp -s 00:01:02:03:04:05 pub proxy
[5:00pm] 2503#arp -a ( at 02:60:8c:f2:17:b8 on sk0
? ( at 00:01:02:03:04:05 on sk0 permanent published (proxy only)
[5:00pm] 2504#arp -d
[5:00pm] 2505#arp -a ( at 02:60:8c:f2:17:b8 on sk0

| - Is proxy arp working good for somebody out there? Could you please
| test it?

Yes, just send me an example setup and I will test.


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