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re: kern/46488: Feature suggestion for "dmesg" output

>  >  Aren't they logged (with timestamp) by syslogd in /var/log/messages (at
>  >  least in the default configuration) as well?
>  >  
>  >  If log rotation gets in the way, you can configure it to a kernel only
>  >  log and rotate that slower (or never).
>       The problem with /var/log/messages is that a lot of things get 
>  logged there and after months the old entries that are needed to 
>  determine time/date of events are no longer available (due to the log 
>  files being cycled out eventually) on high-volume systems.
>       Setting up a kernel-only log seems like a great solution (although 
>  timestamps in dmesg output for errors that occur after the boot 
>  process is complete would still be nice).  Which "man" page should I 
>  read to find out more about configuring this?

see /usr/share/examples/syslogd/all.debug.

i wish we used this as a default, i love having each level have its
own file etc.  also, i think in 2012 it's time to increase the
default sizes.


ps: also see all.newsyslog.conf.

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