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Re: toolchain/46490: libexecinfo only wokrs on amd64

On May 28, 10:50am, ( 
-- Subject: toolchain/46490: libexecinfo only wokrs on amd64

| The new libexecinfo seems to be implemented using a technique that is gcc
| specific and only works (with default compile flags) on amd64, where
| .eh_frame_hdr and .eh_frame sections are generated by default.n

I thought that using _Unwind_Foo should work on every arch.

| The corresponding test case seems to fail everywhere else right now.
| The _Unwind_Backtrace() call calls back into "tracer" once, the t->n value
| is still (size_t)~0U so this frame is skipped, then unwinding terminates
| with reason 5 (end of stack) and zero frames are returned.
| >How-To-Repeat:
| Run t_backtrace for example on sparc64.
| >Fix:
| I am not sure this is fixable, may need some other technique.

Try USE_BUILTIN=yes in the Makefile.


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