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Re: bin/45678: cdplay produces no sound

Quoting Matthew Mondor <> (Sun,  4 Dec 2011
20:15:04 +0000 (UTC)):
>  On Sun,  4 Dec 2011 19:40:04 +0000 (UTC)
>  "Ian D. Leroux" <> wrote:
>  >  The digital command does indeed let me hear the CD being played,
>  > thank you.  Analog mode did, however, formerly work on this
>  > machine, so I would argue that its failure to do so with recent
>  > -current is still a regression, unless analog mode has been
>  > officially deprecated.  I don't rebuild my base system often
>  > enough to be sure of when it stopped working, but I believe it was
>  > still working at the end of July and know that it doesn't as of
>  > the mid-November date of my latest build.
>  If so, I suspect the change was in the audio driver, where an input
>  channel is now muted, has low volume or analog passthrough is
>  unsupported.  I see various ~2 months old changes in
>  sys/dev/pci/hdaudio/hdafg.c which could possibly be related...

I had a quick look through those, and tried manually undoing
the change made in revision 1.15 (which sets the stream mode to PCM by
default), without any success so far (i.e. digital mode works, the
default analog mode does not).  If no one has any better ideas, I'll
try building kernels from various times in the last few months and see
if I can narrow down the range of possibly responsible commits, but it
might be a little while before I have time to do that.

A question though; if, as Jared McNeill seemed to imply earlier, analog
mode is considered obsolete, do we invest effort in continuing to
maintain it or should digital mode be made the default?

-- IDL

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