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Re: bin/45678: cdplay produces no sound

The following reply was made to PR bin/45678; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Matthew Mondor <>
Subject: Re: bin/45678: cdplay produces no sound
Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2011 15:10:16 -0500

 On Sun,  4 Dec 2011 19:40:04 +0000 (UTC)
 "Ian D. Leroux" <> wrote:
 >  > cdplay uses analog output mode by default, which is unfortunately not
 >  > a good choice for anything remotely modern. In analog mode cdplay
 >  > tells the disc drive to start playing, and relies on a pass-through
 >  > audio cable from the CD-ROM device to a capture port on the sound
 >  > card, and the sound card redirecting that output to your speakers. On
 >  > newer systems, you want to simply read PCM data from the CD-ROM
 >  > device and play it to the sound card's PCM playback port. cdplay
 >  > supports this with the "digital" command, see
 >  >
 >  The digital command does indeed let me hear the CD being played, thank
 >  you.  Analog mode did, however, formerly work on this machine, so I
 >  would argue that its failure to do so with recent -current is still a
 >  regression, unless analog mode has been officially deprecated.  I don't
 >  rebuild my base system often enough to be sure of when it stopped
 >  working, but I believe it was still working at the end of July and
 >  know that it doesn't as of the mid-November date of my latest build.
 If so, I suspect the change was in the audio driver, where an input
 channel is now muted, has low volume or analog passthrough is
 unsupported.  I see various ~2 months old changes in
 sys/dev/pci/hdaudio/hdafg.c which could possibly be related...

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