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Re: kern/44886: Support for Dell PowerEdge M710

On Thu, 21 Apr 2011, David Holland wrote:

Some things to try if you get a chance:

   - booting with acpi disabled (boot -2 from the bootloader)
   - booting uniprocessor (boot -1 from the bootloader)
   - booting with usb devices disabled (boot -c, then "disable usb"
     should do it)

you can find the results at

booting without any option, -1 and -2 results in the same problem. "disable usb" has an other problem.

the Dell PowerEdge M710 is a Blade and do not have any disk or floppy device. the installation runs over the DRAC Management Card. It provide a virtual console and a virtual dvd. maybe this device is an usb device so the "disable usb" option is a problem.

Thank you for your efforts


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