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Re: kern/43589 (Rump mount process panics with assertion on file images)

On Thu Jul 15 2010 at 22:20:04 +0000, Matthew Mondor wrote:
>  >  I'm surprised that if using -current rump sources on netbsd-5 is easy,
>  >  a pullup wouldn't be (and it does not matter if it doesn't make it in
>  >  the 5.1 releases), but it could make it 5.2 if it was pulled up to
>  >  netbsd-5...  and it would fix a feature which is broken on stable
>  >  releases (what most users will be running, with all the rump_<foo>.8
>  >  man pages advertizing the vnd-less file mounting feature).
>  Someone off-list reminded me of the difference between upgrading the
>  userland only part and the rump-kernel, and I think I better understand
>  that a pullup for this issue could involve significant work.

I'm not sure *I* understand what the difference between those is.

The reason why any properly executed pullup requires a lot of effort is
that there are no automated tests for previous releases.

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