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re: xsrc/41881 (selection cut in xterm)

i started playing with this one a little bit.

some surprising data points:

        - using an xterm built via pkgsrc (over ssh forward)
        results in an xterm that can send or receive a large
        xterm selection buffer.

        - using an xsrc xterm with a pkgsrc xterm shows that
        xsrc xterm can receive large buffers but it can not
        send them to another xterm.

        - using xcb(1) to inspect the cut buffer values, see
        that xsrc xterm puts the full selection into the 
        cut buffer #0, ie "xcb -p 0 | wc" can give results
        greater than 1024, even if an otherwise broken xterm
        made the initial selection.

        - using xcb(1) in graphical mode, you can paste large
        buffers from a broken xterm into any xterm.  with xcb
        running, select the buffer in xsrc xterm, click on the
        relevant buffer in the xcb window, and then attempt to
        paste into another xterm or application.  this works.

this has two interesting facts:

        - there's a reasonably simple workaround (phew)

        - the problem is xterm sending to an application that
        is not the x server itself.

hopefully someone with more knowledge about how all these
things fit together can help find the real problem.


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