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Re: bin/42322: ext2fs support incomplete enough for a core dump or two

On 23/11/2009, David Holland <> wrote:  >
Core dumps themselves are not very useful without the exact program
> image that generated them, and even then they still aren't very
useful > unless the program was compiled with debug information.
The programs involved were these shipped with NetBSD 5.0.1 release
back then.  > > It is in general a lot faster and more productive
to report what you > did and what happened as a result.  Well, I've
got a dirty journaled Second Extended FS, then executed fsck_ext2fs(8)
on it (without any options IIRC) and it dumped core.  Then I executed
vi(1) on another journaled SE FS and *it* dumped core :-) Then
still, I executed fdisk(8) on an MBR-labeled disk, modified the
partition table, and on writing, the thing dumped core too.

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