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Re: bin/42322: ext2fs support incomplete enough for a core dump or two

On Sat, Nov 21, 2009 at 01:35:02PM +0000, rider wrote:
 >  >  Well, it's better to mention what each actual
 >  >  problem you get on what command per each command,
 >  >  i.e. what command you typed and what result what you got
 >  >  rather than personal impressions in a problem report.
 >  I'd rather upload the dumps if there's some one inerested
 >  enough to host it (I've got handful of technical difficulties
 >  now, so I can't really host these, nor I can mail them.)

Core dumps themselves are not very useful without the exact program
image that generated them, and even then they still aren't very useful
unless the program was compiled with debug information.

It is in general a lot faster and more productive to report what you
did and what happened as a result.

David A. Holland

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