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Re: port-shark/41672: Install kernel in release directory isELFversion only.

> One other thing, though:
> The ".aout" naming is inconsistent: netbsd.aout-GENERIC.gz and netbsd- 
> INSTALL.aout.gz.

Well, it's an old known problem caused by inconsistency of
KERNEL_SUFFIXES handling between src/etc/Makefile (for GENERIC etc) and
src/distrib/common/Makefile.mdset (for md image ones), but they are
too hard to read for me...

sgimips has had the same problem for ecoff ones.

> cats also uses the "netbsd.aout" form.

Hmm, because they use
>>MDSET_POST.netbsd.aout-INSTALL= \
rather than
>>MDSET_SUFFIXES.-=       aout create-aout
for multiple kernels?

I prefer netbsd-FOO.aout.gz names than netbsd.aout-FOO.gz ones,
so I think we should fix src/etc/Makefile.

Anyway, this problem should be handled in another PR
because it isn't shark specific.
Izumi Tsutsui

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