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Re: port-shark/41672: Install kernel in release directory is ELFversion only.

On Nov 6, 2009, at 11:09 AM, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:

(3)Where and in which name install RAMDISK kernels should be put

Maybe we should re-think about this.

There are several historical and port specific variants.
Some ports require special binary formats and others not.
The firmware on shark and cats require a.out kernels,
but gxemul emulating cats requires a standard ELF kernel.
dreamcast requires a raw netbsd-GENERIC_MD.bin kernel for bootstrap,
but it has been put in binary/kernel.
arc requires netbsd-RAMDISK.gz kernel as alpha,
but it has been put in binary/kernel.
(yes, I did the latter two, but it was just because i386 put it there)

For now, it might be a compromise to change MDSET_RELEASEDIR
in distrib/shark/instkernel/instkernel/Makefile from
binary/kernel to installation/instkernel, I think.

That would be fine with me (INSTALLATION_DIRS+=installation/instkernel also needs to be added to etc/etc.shark/

One other thing, though:

The ".aout" naming is inconsistent: netbsd.aout-GENERIC.gz and netbsd- INSTALL.aout.gz.

cats also uses the "netbsd.aout" form.

I don't really care what the name of the file is, but I will note that renaming it back to netbsd.gz would kill two birds with one stone. Assuming the ELF version disappeared, anyway :)

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